University Academy sends pair to Wiley

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Friends make everything better.

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For Jaylen Walker and Darius Lavalais, they're hoping that also applies to their college experience.

The two University Academy baseball stand-outs signed letters of intent to continue their careers at Wiley College. The opportunity to play with each other at the next level was too much for Darius Lavalais to pass up.

"I'm excited to go with my outfield buddy, we're gonna keep it going," says Lavalais. "We're going to keep it going."

Jaylen Walker believes that Wiley is the perfect fit for his future.

"It's an HBCU, it's a good place in general," says Walker. "It's kinda far from home but not too far. I feel like it's just gonna be a good place for me."

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