Ward 10 holds monthly meeting about Dixie softball season

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: May. 26, 2020 at 9:23 PM CDT
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The status of the Dixie Softball season for Ward 10 has been unknown.

Tuesday night the Ward 10 Recreational Board held their monthly meeting to clear things up.

The board discussed what a contact sport is. Board president Mike Nelson says that baseball is a contact sport and that Ward 10 won't open during phase one to keep players safe.

“It's all about the kids,” Nelson said. “It's about their safety. There's no way that we would want anyone to come out here and get sick or hurt. That's why we try to provide the best facilities here. Everything's about safety.”

Ward 10 Dixie Softball League president Gordon Frye believes the complex should open because of the governor's statement on May 11th about opening ball parks.

“I understand that it's not the rec board that doesn't want to open the park,” Frye said. “I understand that it's the police jury that doesn't want to open. All we can do as a league is to follow those guidelines and hope and pray they open.”

The league also presented guidelines to the board after contacting the Lieutenant Governor in hopes of the park being opened.

WARD-10 COVID 19 SAFETY GUIDELINES 1. Entrance: All teams scheduled game and practice times will be staggered to limit number entering at the same time. 2. Mask MUST be worn by ALL concession stand workers, scorekeepers, and volunteers 3. There should be no physical contact between players, coaches or staff. 4. Dugout: a. There will be a limit of 9 girls in the dugout. b. Dugouts are to be sanitized between each game or practice. c. All girls must provide their own water container with their name clearly on it. d. Dugout parent must wear a mask 5. All bleachers will be closed to the public. Spectators must provide their own seating and maintain social distancing. 6. Coach must assign a parent to enforce social distancing for their team. This person's name and contact number must be turned in to the league commissioner. 7. All children, unless with team, must remain with parent or guardian at all times. 8. Any child 12 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult to restroom. 9. Only persons 13 and older may visit the concession stand. 10. Sanitizer: a. Will be made available both inside and outside restrooms and available at the concession stand windows. b. Sanitizer will be provided for each dugout. It is the coach’s responsibility to sanitize any shared equipment between each use i.e., team bat, balls, etc. c. All Commissioners will be required to maintain all sanitizer locations and ensure that the restrooms are sanitized between games and at the end of the night. (Sanitizer will be located inside concession stands so it will be accessible to all workers.) 11. Social Distancing on fields: a. Plate judge must line up behind the pitcher. b. Outfield judge while standing should remain 6' from players except when calling a play. c. Coaches are to remain 6' from runner. d. Steals will become a force at the plate they are stealing. e. There will be no handshakes or high fives. f. After game prayer may continue but girls will have to safely distance themselves from one another. g. There shall be no after game huddles unless social distancing can be achieved 12. Concession Stand a. All workers must wear a mask. b. When exchanging money hand sanitizer must be used between each transaction. c. When coming in contact with food, mask and gloves must be worn at all times. Gloves must be changed if they have came in contact with a contaminant. d. There will be an outside cooler available at both concession stands for drink only purchases. e. We will be operating on a 2-window system. You will place order at one and pickup at another. 13. Pressbox: When coaches or umpires visit the pressbox they must wear a mask.
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