Week 9 Athlete of the Week: Michael Orphey

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In ASH's 56-21 win over Pineville last week, senior runningback Michael Orphey carried his team to victory. Orphey ran for 510 yards and 6 touchdowns to give his Trojan's the edge.

"I'm just really blessed to be where I was and ultimately where I am today" said Orphey, "The team isn't Michael Orphey, the team is the Alexandria Trojans."

After missing majority of his junior season with a ACL injury; Orphrey was determined to make his senior season special. During the summer leading up to his season year, Orphey suffered a MCL injury, but battled his way to get back healthy.

"Watching them play without me and being on the sideline not dressed out. Missing out on those memories I just had a mindset every game just play like it's my last game."