Wildcats are ready for full pads

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Classes will officially be in session on Monday for Louisiana College students but on the gridiron, the Wildcats have already cracked open their notebooks.

Source: KALB

Sunday, the team held a walk-through after wrapping up their first week of camp. Head coach Justin Charles is happy with the direction that the team is going.

“What I love about this team is that we've had good intense type practices, and these guys have been giving their all in practice,” Charles said. “They're handling these intense practices that we're setting up for them, and there's a lot of deep talent in areas that we weren't expecting.”

The pads will hold their first full-padded practice on Monday and many of the players are itching to get started.

“It's my fourth year, and I'm used to it, senior defensive end Dillon Juneau said. “Bring it on man. I love one-on-one drills and team drills. Whatever quarterback is back there, I'm going to get after them. You better believe it.”

“I feel great,” senior running back Aaron Woods said. “Last year I had an injury, but I've bounced back since then. I'll go head up with anybody, just no d-linemen.”

The Cats will also hold their Blue and Orange scrimmage on Saturday at Wildcat Field

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