Wildcats recruit for the future despite COVID-19

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - The Drew Maddox era for the Louisiana College Wildcats started with promise before COVID-19 hit.

Source: KALB

They practiced three times before being told to shut down. Since then, Maddox and his staff have made adjustments to stay in contact with his players.

They've also been taking a different approach towards recruiting future wildcats.

Maddox says that he misses interacting with recruits in person, but he's figured out a thing or two when it comes to being tech savvy

“I always liked those first couple weeks of recruiting, going out, hitting the road, and meeting people,” Maddox said. “That aspect’s been hard for us, but we’re still able to call those guys and their coaches. We’ve called and talked to them to develop a relationship that way.”

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