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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - For years, the Louisiana College Wildcats have been known for having a strong offensive line group.

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This season the line is returning three starters in Cameron Frederick, Jordan Richard, and Chad Smith.

Led by a fiery new position coach in Bryan Jones, this unit is looking to continue that dominating mindset.

As of recent, they have been plagued by the injury bug. Center Isaiah Romero is dealing with a knee injury that could see him missing significant time. For Smith, he recently recovered from a leg injury but said that he still plans to lead this unit.

“The way that I’m looking to lead this group is on and off the field,” said Smith. “We have a bunch of guys that come in and have no idea what college football is all about. That's where I come in, showing them how we carry ourselves on and off the field.

“I’m trying to lead them in the right direction that way when I come back they're doing the same thing that I showed them.”

Offensive coordinator, Ben McLaughlin, said that he believes this unit can become just as talented as any other offensive line.

“Our best five is going to be just as good as anybody else's best five out there,” said McLaughlin. “For us, it's about being able to stay healthy. For those freshmen, it’s being prepared in case their number gets called that way they can step right in.”

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