2 members of rock's Doors are joined in signage on LA street

(Image Source: Pixabay / MGN)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - For more than 50 years Doors' drummer John Densmore's name has been inexorably linked with that of the group's charismatic lead singer, Jim Morrison.

Now, on a quiet residential street in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, the pair's names are connected by street sign as well.

On Thursday the 73-year-old Densmore unveiled a new street sign at the intersection of Densmore Avenue and Morrison Street.

The two streets have been in the city's Encino section for decades, but Morrison says he only recently discovered that they intersect.

He wanted to get a photo of himself in front of them but they were too far apart on different poles.

The city fixed that on Thursday, its second annual Day of the Doors celebration honoring the rock band that was arguably LA's greatest.

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