Comedy or not, 'Get Out' is a unique Oscar contender

(Image Credit: Blumhouse Productions / MGN)
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NEW YORK (AP) - The movie year seems destined to conclude the way it essentially began: With everybody talking about "Get Out."

Jordan Peele's horror sensation is again the subject of debate after it was reported that Universal Pictures has submitted the film for Golden Globes consideration as a comedy, rather than a drama. The film's classification will ultimately reside with the Globes, but the controversy shows how "Get Out" is already challenging the conventions of Hollywood's prestige movie season.

Peele, himself, has showed no desire to quell the backlash, only to slyly prod it. He calls his race-savvy social satire "a documentary." Appearing on "The Late Show" on Wednesday night, Peele stuck with that label, calling his movie "truth."

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