Harry Potter-themed celebration draws droves of muggles

(Image Source: MGN)

NEWTON, N.J. (AP) - Wizards and muggles have turned out in droves for a Harry Potter-themed celebration in a small New Jersey community, so much so the town is now looking to turn it into an annual event.

Spring Street in Newton was transformed Saturday into Diagon Alley, the magical market from the J.K. Rowling (ROHL'-ing) book series.

More than two dozen restaurants and stores in Newton's main business district featured elements of the franchise, including a restaurant that served Butterbeer and a store that gave patrons magic wands.

Many attendees dressed up in Harry Potter attire. Some donned scarves with colors from the various Hogwarts houses and Harry's signature round eyeglasses.

Town and local business leaders planned to meet Monday to discuss next year's event and how it could be improved.

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