In year of Wonder Woman, the remarkable tale of her creation

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures / MGN
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NEW YORK (AP) - Just months after Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman" became a worldwide box-office smash, the story behind the lasso-wielding superhero has also landed on the big screen.

Angela Robinson's "Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman," which opened in theaters last Friday, charts the origin story behind a superhero created by a free-thinking family.

Superman first debuted in 1938. Batman followed in 1939. But psychology professor William Marston had grander and more progressive aspirations for his 1941 comic creation. He wanted women like Wonder Woman to, as he said, "rule the world."

Robinson's film charts the unorthodox creation of Wonder Woman, which drew on Marston's research into sexuality and gender, as well as his own family: a threesome who harmoniously raised four children together.

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