Operation Cenla Cares: Letters To Fort Polk Troops

KALB-TV has launched a letter-writing campaign with our local school districts to show the community’s support for our soldiers. Over the past year, we have received thousands of letters from the community. Each of these letters have been delivered to a deployed soldier. We have received an outpouring of gratitude and appreciation from soldiers who have received these letters.

Many soldiers deploy and may not have a large family or group of friends back home. Letters help fill this void during deployments, providing support and building morale. Soldiers need and enjoy encouragement from those they spend their lives protecting. Our goal is to guarantee that no soldier’s commitment and sacrifice for our country goes unnoticed.

Letters are a great way to reach a solider and provide a touch of home, as well as connecting Central Louisiana with deployed troops. The effect a single letter has on a soldier serving overseas is enormous. Letters are a symbol of encouragement, support, and hope. Writing a letter only takes five minutes of our time, but will bring lasting hope and encouragement to soldiers. Additionally, this campaign presents students with the opportunity to apply their learning with a civic responsibility.

We hope that your school will join us in this letter-writing campaign to ensure that every soldier’s dedication is not overlooked or ignored.

Please contact Kyle Johnston at (318) 483-4264 or Mark Klein at (318) 483-4228 for more information.

What makes a good letter?
Keep your letters positive! Share a little about yourself, your hobbies, interests, etc., but nothing too personal. Ask questions to soldiers if you would like. Never discuss death, killing, or other tragic events. Avoid politics and religion. Give sincere thanks. These letters are about appreciation and respect.

Ask yourself: Will this letter bring a smile to someone’s face? Students: Use first name only. It is not required for a student to list their last name or return address. Students may choose to include their teacher’s name/classroom and school address for replies.

More Helpful Information
  • Sample salutations: Dear Soldier, Dear Hero, Dear Service Member
  • Hand written letters or cards are most appreciated.
  • Stamps and envelopes are not needed.
  • No glitter. No staples.
  • Black or blue ink is strongly encouraged for writing letters.
  • Teachers, please screen your classes’ letters for content.
  • Letters can be dropped off at KALB-TV or your school board office.
  • If you do not receive a reply from a Service Member, do not be discouraged. Our soldiers are very busy!