Author returns to roots, inspires students with math

Essay winner Ivan Larsen shows off his prize.
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KALB - Evans, Louisiana - Students at Evans School in Vernon Parish were inspired today by former student and author Jim West.

West currently lives in Dubai, but is working on a series of books centered around the idea that math is magic.

News Channel 5's Noelle Bellow visited the school and has more on his message.

"The missing variable is what everybody can be, my new campaign about change the equation change the world, is really promoting that everyone in this gym could be part of that change we need," said author Jim West.

He may be an author and a top cyber security specialist, but Jim West decided to come back to his old stomping grounds at Evans School, to remind students just how far they can go.

West said, "I wanted the kids to know they can move beyond the city limits they can take themselves as far as they want to go with education.

He's taking his message worldwide, through his book series Magicae Mathematica.

"I wanted to teach them, instill in them math concepts and life lessons through the story," explained West.

Earlier this year, students at Evans entered a 500 word essay contest, on why they think math is magical.

7th grader Ivan Larsen said math is his favorite subject, and West chose his essay as the best, because he linked math with music.

Larsen said, "I wanted to try and find something that, nobody else would do."

"Towards the end he mentioned music and it just captivated me, ya know of everything everyone mentioned that is the one thing that even myself I didn't think of, and I enjoy music just like anyone else."

Larsen says West's message really opened his eyes.

"I didn't really think about the books in math but it showed me if you really do work hard and try your best, and if you never give up that you can do what you wanna accomplish and books can help you do that," said Larsen.

Book number one of West's series is out, he's currently working on number two and says he plans to include in it, the idea of music.

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