Developing: Protests in Charlotte after fatal officer involved shooting

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (NBC) - Dozens of people were out tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina protesting the fatal police shooting of an African American man.

Authorities say the officers were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they observed a man inside a vehicle at an apartment complex.

Officials say the man got out of the car and had a gun, putting the officers in imminent danger.

One officer shot the man, now identified as 43-year old Keith Lamont Scott --- and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Authorities say detectives recovered a firearm at the scene.

Police sources have confirmed that the officer who fired the weapon --- officer Brentley Vinson --- is also African American.

Vinson has been employed with the C-M-P-D since July of 20-14.

The demonstration took place near the scene of the deadly officer-involved shooting.

Many in the large crowd were chanting and holding signs, some even throwing objects at police.

Some officers were dressed in tactical gear.

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