Brand Institute SVP of Nonproprietary Naming Division Shares Naming Guidance on Evolving Nomenclature Schemes Set Forth by Regulatory Agencies (USAN and INN)

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 8:00 AM CDT

MIAMI, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Brand Institute's Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the company's Nonproprietary Naming Division, Sandra Van Laan, B.S., is pleased to share new guidance on monoclonal antibody naming, published by INN in November 2021. This guidance affects any pharmaceutical manufacturers who have not yet received nonproprietary name approval for a monoclonal antibody under the previous nomenclature guidance.

(PRNewsfoto/Brand Institute, Inc.)
(PRNewsfoto/Brand Institute, Inc.)(PRNewswire)

Ms. Van Laan has spent her entire professional career in nonproprietary naming, first as part of the USAN Secretariat, and now with Drug Safety Institute, Brand Institute's regulatory subsidiary, providing expert regulatory advice to clients on drug naming within USAN/INN parameters. Handcrafted nonproprietary names are created using current guidelines and are carefully screened, thus having an increased chance of regulatory approval.

Prior to joining Brand Institute, Ms. Van Laan was employed for 26 years at the American Medical Association (AMA) where she served as Associate Secretary to the USAN Council (USANC). In her work with the USANC, she shared in the responsibility for the creation and approval of nonproprietary names by negotiating name candidates with the members of the USAN Council, the submitting manufacturers, and the INN Programme. Through a process based on stem classification, one name that was found acceptable by all would be "adopted" or approved for marketing the drug compound in the US.

While at USAN, Ms. Van Laan authored the pronunciation guidelines that are still the industry standard.

About Brand Institute and its wholly owned subsidiary, Drug Safety Institute

Brand Institute is the global leader in brand name and identity development, providing a broad portfolio of branding and naming related services, including brand strategy, name development, trademark searches, market research, regulatory services, and visual identity solutions.

Drug Safety Institute (DSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brand Institute that provides Brand Institute's healthcare clients with industry-leading guidance pertaining to drug name safety, packaging, and labeling. DSI is comprised of former naming regulatory officials from global government health agencies, including FDA, EMA, Health Canada, AMA, and the WHO.

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Sandra Van Laan, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs - Proprietary
Sandra Van Laan, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs - Proprietary(PRNewswire)

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