Teacher pay in Louisiana

Teachers work hard every day to educate our children, but when it comes time for pay day, many are saying they feel underappreciated. Governor John Bel Edwards is working to change this.

Keep on Fighting: Part Three

In the final edition of Keep on Fighting, Cody Ford deals with the pressures of preparing for the NFL Drafy

Barrett's Night Weather

Rain chances increasing

Keep on Fighting: Part Two

Cody Ford adjusts to college life, dealing with adversity on the field and tragedy off of it.

More beds, resources for patients at Longleaf Behavioral Hospital

Longleaf in Alexandria will soon be the second-largest behavioral health hospital in Louisiana. By the end of next summer, the facility will be more than 77 thousand 300 square feet, with 139 beds and serve 2,000 more patients annually. But, it was a growing need in the community that sparked the expansion project.

Celebrating 50 years since man walked on the moon

Fifty-years ago this weekend, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon as fellow crew member Michael Collins kept watch in the command module overhead.

Second Look Top Stories (7-19-2019)

The Alexandria Police Department has arrested a man they said is responsible for robbing a woman at gunpoint in the Target parking lot Thursday afternoon. Lydia, Faith, and Max discuss this and more on Friday's Second Look.


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