New Orleans Superdome improvements

Fri Aug 16 16:56:01 PDT 2019

New Orleans Superdome improvements

The Superdome will be getting a makeover ahead of Super Bowl 2024. The state bond commission agreed to $350 million in bonds to fund the Superdome's upgrade project on Thursday.

Barrett's Night Weather

Tracking Cristobal

Barrett's Evening Weather

Watching Cristobal

Wildwood Pizza reopens as Phase II begins

Steven Maxwell speaks with Gary Perkins, the owner of Wildwood Pizza in Alexandria, as Louisiana enters Phase II of reopening the economy.

Longleaf Hospital Expansion

CEO, Claire Hick, talks about the expansion of Longleaf Hospital and what it means for central Louisiana.

Tyler's Afternoon Forecast

The latest information regarding Tropical Depression Cristobal on this Friday afternoon.

Rapides Foundation Healthy Lifestyle Program

Creating a healthier central Louisiana. Kira Davidson talks about the Rapides Foundation's healthy lifestyle program for June.


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