Thu Oct 10 11:23:19 PDT 2019

Ronnie Venson

Ronnie Venson talks about his candidacy for Police Jury District E

Tom's Overnight Weather

Friday football forecast.

Runoff for Rapides Parish Police Jury District 'E'

One runoff we are keeping an eye on is between James Marien and Rusty Wilder for Rapides Parish Police Jury District "E"

Interview: Dr. Kenneth Perego

Dr. Kenneth Perego talks about the genetic link between breast cancer and prostate cancer.

U.S. and Turkey agree to ceasefire in Syria

The Trump administration has announced a ceasefire agreement with Turkey, halting its incursion in northern Syria. Speaking in Turkey, Vice President Mike Pence says Kurdish-led forces will withdraw from the safe zone. | Photo Source: Google Earth / MGN

Barrett's Evening Weather

Temperatures rising through the weekend

United Way Wild Game Cook-Off underway in downtown Alexandria

Faith King is at the United Way Wild Game Cook-Off in Downtown Alexandria.


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