Cotile Lake Halloween Bash

Tue Oct 22 10:54:42 PDT 2019

Cotile Lake Halloween Bash

Katrina Ward and Kristen Goleman preview the 2nd annual Cotile Halloween Bash

Man breaks into bank to heat up Hot Pocket

Authorities say a man broke into a bank in San Diego to use a microwave Wednesday. Why? He needed to heat his hot pocket, of course.

Tom's Evening Weather

Rain chances decrease!

Lee Rubin discusses run for Alexandria City Councilman At-Large

Steven Maxwell speaks with Lee Rubin about his decision to run for the position of Alexandria City Councilman At-Large again.

LSUA Department of Biological Sciences Grant

Dr. Nathan Sammons explains what a huge grant will mean for LSUA's Biological Sciences Department.

Alexandria Farmers Market

Looking for some fresh fruits and veggies? Audrey Kolde details the Alexandria Farmers Market curbside pick-up.

Neblett, Beard and Arsenault Legal Difference

Attorney, Wes Gralapp, talks about the basics on auto insurance.


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