'First Look' Top Talker (11-8-19)

Fri Nov 08 14:41:57 PST 2019

'First Look' Top Talker (11-8-19)

Kailey and Anna's favorite story today: A grandma and grandson set out on a four-year adventure. Take a look!

Second Look Top Stories (11-12-2019)

If Alexandria won't pay them more, Lafayette says they will. Al, Brooke, and Steven discuss the topic of Alexandria police pay raises on Second Look.

First Look Top Talkers 11/12/19

Anna and Kailey go over some of the top talkers of the day, including cold temperatures outside.

First Look Top Four Headlines 11/12/19

Anna and Kailey go over the top four headlines of the day on 'First Look.'

Adopt A Pet Segment

Henry Wimbley has a kitten up for adoption

Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Kellie and Rick Bulcak preview the Santa Paws event to benefit Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training


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