Wed Feb 08 08:16:52 PST 2017

Stewart Holloway

Stewart Holloway discusses his new book, The Privilege of Worship

LSU student can't fly home due to state-wide OMV troubles

With the state-wide OMV closures, one LSU student faced a travel delay.

National medal of arts presented, NSU director of bands attends

NSU's Director of Bands Jeffrey Mathews, who's also a colonel in the Air National Guard, attended the National Medal of Arts ceremony in Washington D.C. where he was presented with a medal by President Trump.

Global Strike Command takes the challenge

It's comforting to know that we have one of the best militaries in the world protecting us from terrorism. The Global Strike Command is housed over at Barksdale Air Force base and every two years, they host a competition to prove that their soldiers are top-notch.

Whooping cranes make a comeback in Louisiana

One of America’s most endangered birds is making a comeback in Louisiana thanks to a little help from mankind.

Shreveport robber was trippin'...literally

In Shreveport, a bank robber managed to make his great escape despite tripping three times. The man's not-so-fancy footwork was caught on camera.

Second Look Top Stories (11-21-2019)

Gov. John Bel Edwards says Louisiana's Office of Motor Vehicles locations are on track to reopen Monday, Al, Brooke, and Steven discuss this and more on Second Look.


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