Fri Feb 17 10:45:05 PST 2017

AT&T unlimited data returns

It's the return to unlimited data. Starting today, AT&T is re-offering unlimited data to customers.

Recap of Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of La. Democratic Party, shares his thoughts on lasts Democratic Debate held in Las Vegas.

Tom's Evening Weather

Sunshine Friday!

State Rep. Deshotel gives update on state legislature

District 28 State Rep. Daryl Deshotel shares insight into whats going on right now in the state legislature.

Severe Weather Awareness Week

Charlie Woodrum with the National Weather Service joined meteorologist Barrett Phillips to talk severe weather and emergency preparedness for Severe Weather Awareness Week.

'First Look' Top Four Headlines

Here's a look at the top four things News Channel 5 is covering today.

The Beach Boys at Coliseum

Rick Reno stopped by to discuss about the Beach Boys Concert happening in April.


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