LABI Pushes for La

LABI Pushes for La

It has been hard to find much to agree on in state government, as the legislature and administration are trying to fill the nearly one billion dollar budget hole. However, there's one proposal that could bring some bi-partisanship: an enhanced government spending transparency website. KALBs Steven Maxwell reports.

Southern California sees hail and heavy rain

Heavy rain and hail flood the streets of southern California.

Car hits children on beach in Florida

Four children playing on the beach in Florida were hit by a driver in a Toyota.

Suspect accused of dragging officer arrested

ATV driver suspect accused of dragging an officer has been arrested.

Ohio bus crash caught on camera

Driver of a car rams into truck at more than 100 mph.

LUNCH KIDS: March 21

Madisen tells us what's on the menu.

Wednesday's Top Stories

Al, Brooke, and Steven take a look at the top stories for Wednesday on Second Look.


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