TOPS Uncertain with Budget Deficit

We are less than a week away from when state lawmakers will during a special legislative session to try to find ways to fill the nearly one billion dollar expected budget shortfall. Programs could be taking major cuts, including the popular TOPS scholarship program. KALB’s Steven Maxwell spoke to local university leaders on their thoughts of another year uncertainty.

Tyler's Overnight Forecast

Monday's forecast calls for a strong cold front passing through with a cool down on the way on Tuesday!

Moonshine Saloon

Local bar owner is mixing up drinks and fun in Alexandria.

Week 7 Top 5 Plays

Top Plays from Week 7


Packing the coliseum with hope, more than 50 churches came together Sunday evening to put on a community-wide worship service.

Body Found in Red River

APD was searching for a possible jumper in the Red River when they found the body of another unrelated person.

Unidentified Man Killed in Crash

An unidentified man was killed in a crash in Winn Parish on Saturday night. Another man and juvenile were injured and treated.


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