NSU Students Write Thank-You Cards to Donors

Several hundred Northwestern State University students, faculty, and staff took time out of their day on Thursday to thank those who provide financial support to the university.

Disabled Vet Left at Dallas Airport Terminal

A Leesville woman said her father, a disabled veteran, had to be hospitalized for a serious complication of diabetes last month after missing a connecting flight out of Dallas. American Airlines has apologized for the incident which she said was because workers failed to help her father and now she's worried about his long-term health. Lydia Magallanes has more on what happened.

Suspect in APD Battery Case Has Long List of Prior Convictions

The person arrested for tasing an APD officer and holding a gun to his head is facing a long list of charges, but this isn't his first run-in with the law.

Second Look Top Stories (1-17-2019)

Al, Brooke, and Steven share their perspectives on President Trump canceling Nancy Pelosi's overseas trip and more on Second Look.

Barrett's Night Weather

Big changes on the way!

Barrett's Evening Weather

Changes on the way!

Legal Difference: Workers' Compensation

Ted Roberts talks more about Workers Comp


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