Pet Pictures with Santa & "Pick of the Litter" award

Kara Ramirez and Laura Thomson preview Pet Pictures with Santa and "Pick of the Litter"

Disabled Vet Left at Dallas Airport Terminal

A Leesville woman said her father, a disabled veteran, had to be hospitalized for a serious complication of diabetes last month after missing a connecting flight out of Dallas. American Airlines has apologized for the incident which she said was because workers failed to help her father and now she's worried about his long-term health. Lydia Magallanes has more on what happened.

Suspect in APD Battery Case Has Long List of Prior Convictions

The person arrested for tasing an APD officer and holding a gun to his head is facing a long list of charges, but this isn't his first run-in with the law.

Second Look Top Stories (1-17-2019)

Al, Brooke, and Steven share their perspectives on President Trump canceling Nancy Pelosi's overseas trip and more on Second Look.

Barrett's Evening Weather

Changes on the way!

Legal Difference: Workers' Compensation

Ted Roberts talks more about Workers Comp

LSUA Mulder Scholarship

Shelly Gill and Melinda Anderson talk about the new LSUA Mulder Scholarship


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