Pet Pictures with Santa & "Pick of the Litter" award

Pet Pictures with Santa & "Pick of the Litter" award

Kara Ramirez and Laura Thomson preview Pet Pictures with Santa and "Pick of the Litter"

Tyler's Afternoon Forecast

Stay dry and weather aware/alert on this Tuesday.

Tyler's Morning Forecast

Severe weather is possible on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Texas woman fights off intruder

A burglar entering a central Texas home in the middle of the night ended up facing down the barrel of a gun.

Principals allegedly create own bonus salaries

University Lab is still searching for answers after two former principals allegedly started their own program and told parents to pay them directly.

Barrett's Night Weather

Rain chances return Tuesday!

Bernie Sanders proposes to cancel all student debt

Bernie Sanders has proposed legislation that would cancel all student debt affecting 45 million Americans.


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