Patricia Williams Book Signing

Patricia Williams and Mabel White preview a book signing to benefit the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.

Daily Pledge - December 18

Oak Hill High School

Children hurt in NC bus crash

A driver is charged with driving while impaired after hitting a school bus Monday morning and sending more than a dozen students to the hospital.

Dual enrollment numbers down among black students

African American children aren't taking many dual enrollment courses.

LUNCH KIDS: December 18

Madison tells us what's on the menu.

Second Look Top Stories (12-17-2018)

Al, Brooke, and Steven give their thoughts on the affordable care act going back to the Supreme Court after a federal judge ruled the entire law "unconstitutional" and more on Second Look.

New Airport Screeners to Make Lines Faster

If you're flying this holiday season, you're going to want to see this. New TSA screening technology may be coming to an airport near you and it could be a game changer because it could just get you through the lines faster!


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