Disabled Teen Lives Basketball Dream

Disabled Teen Lives Basketball Dream

A Vernon Parish basketball team shared an uplifting moment with the opposing Florien Blackcats on Monday night. The team manager, who is disabled, got to live his boyhood dream of playing in a game with his twin brother.

Tom's Overnight Weather

Rain chances remain for some folks but heat and humidity for everyone.

Second Look Top Stories (6-18-2019)

Two people were arrested at Queen Spa Aromatherapy in Alexandria after a prostitution investigation by APD. Al, Brooke, and Steven discuss this and more on Second Look.

NSU Freshman Connection

Maddy Hensley and Jessica Mullican talk about being NSU Freshman Connectors

Lisa Doney

Meet the new dean for Alexandria's CLTCC campus

Hiring at St. Frances Cabrini Hospital

Mandi Dyer and Kourtland Adams talk about job opportunities at Cabrini Hospital

Tom's Evening Weather

Heat and humidity will mix with hit-miss rain this week.


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