Disabled Vet Left at Dallas Airport Terminal

Disabled Vet Left at Dallas Airport Terminal

A Leesville woman said her father, a disabled veteran, had to be hospitalized for a serious complication of diabetes last month after missing a connecting flight out of Dallas. American Airlines has apologized for the incident which she said was because workers failed to help her father and now she's worried about his long-term health. Lydia Magallanes has more on what happened.

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The heat and humidity continues!

Woman drowns in high water

Authorities say the female victim died after driving through a barricade into a flooded area.

Deadly storms in Missouri

Three people have been reported dead in Wednesday's severe weather event.

An infant child dies in daycare facility van

A daycare owner has been arrested after an infant dies in the facility's van.

Lack of retirement planning prompts RISE score

The new RISE Score is a way to assess and plan for retirement.

VA holds active shooter drill

A helicopter hovered over the Veteran Affairs Medical Center along with other local departments on scene responding to an active shooter situation. Thankfully, it was just for training purposes.


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