Wed Mar 20 11:03:17 PDT 2019

National Kick Butts Day

Tioga High School teacher, Jodie Hallman, talks about what central Louisiana schools are doing on National Kicks Butts Day

'First Look' Top Talkers (1-22-2020)

A navigation app leads a group off the beaten path. Take a look.

"The Last Full Measure"

A conversation with film producer, Shaun Sanghani about his new movie, "The Last Full Measure"

Rapides Symphony

Josh Zona previews "The Four Seasons" Rapides Symphony Concert

Agilus Health

Oday Lavergne continues his discussion on medical marijuana in Louisiana

La. Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest La. HIstory Museum

Jeannae Biddescombe previews the new exhibit at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest La. History Museum.

Rapides Symphony Concert

Josh Zona describes the upcoming Rapides Symphony Concert, "The Four Seasons"


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