Pineville looks to clean up downtown properties

Tue Apr 23 16:20:37 PDT 2019

Pineville looks to clean up downtown properties

Many properties in the Pineville area are not up to code. Officials have seen cases of over grown grass, old cars in drive ways, some homes badly burned, or simply abandoned. Mayor Clarence Fields joined us to discuss his plans for the blighted property and how he hopes to bring it up to code.

Showcasing Louisiana festivals

874 million dollars. That's how much festivals bring into Louisiana every year. There's a reason why festivals do so well in Louisiana, and if you haven't had a chance, make sure to check one out! | Photo Source: AlbertHerring / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

Tioga hosts North Desoto

Fitz previews tonight's Game of the Week: Tioga vs. North Desoto

'First Look' top talkers (11-15-19)

Kailey and Anna take a look at today's top talkers...including this unicorn puppy.

Learn more about Central Louisiana!

Interested in working at Your Local Station? Learn more about KALB and Central Louisiana here.

Kisatchie National Forest Segment

Stacy Blomquist talks about the draw down at Valentine Lake and the US Capitol Christmas Tree.

Tyler's Afternoon Forecast

Enjoy the outdoors this weekend!


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