Bill advanced to expand rideshare services in Louisiana

Wed Apr 24 15:41:04 PDT 2019

Bill advanced to expand rideshare services in Louisiana

Popular ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft might soon pick up passengers in all corners of the state. Cenla Chamber of Commerce President Deborah Randolph speaks on how this could affect the local area.

Man breaks into bank to heat up Hot Pocket

Authorities say a man broke into a bank in San Diego to use a microwave Wednesday. Why? He needed to heat his hot pocket, of course.

Tom's Evening Weather

Rain chances decrease!

Lee Rubin discusses run for Alexandria City Councilman At-Large

Steven Maxwell speaks with Lee Rubin about his decision to run for the position of Alexandria City Councilman At-Large again.

LSUA Department of Biological Sciences Grant

Dr. Nathan Sammons explains what a huge grant will mean for LSUA's Biological Sciences Department.

Alexandria Farmers Market

Looking for some fresh fruits and veggies? Audrey Kolde details the Alexandria Farmers Market curbside pick-up.

Neblett, Beard and Arsenault Legal Difference

Attorney, Wes Gralapp, talks about the basics on auto insurance.


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