Second Look Top Stories (7-11-2019)

Thu Jul 11 17:14:40 PDT 2019

Second Look Top Stories (7-11-2019)

Our D.C. Bureau caught up with Louisiana lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Senator Cassidy said he's working with the governor and New Orleans mayor to make sure everyone has what they need. Max and Brooke discuss this and more on Second Look.

Week 7 high school football preview

Hutch, Fitz, and Corey preview tonight's high school football matchups.

First Look Top Talkers (10-18-19)

Would you try this new form of yoga? Kailey and Anna definitely would.

Reptile Day at the Kent House

James, Jo, and Kate Lewis preview Reptile Day at the Kent House

Head Start Awareness Week

Jineane Skipper previews Head Start Awareness Week which begins October 21

Founder's Day Festival

Mayor Derrick Johnson previews the annual Cheneyville Founder's Day Festival

October Fete Avoyelles

Morgana Gates and Allison Lacombe preview October Fete Avoyelles hosted by Cottonport Bank


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