Jambalaya Lunch Kids for 9/18

Wed Sep 18 05:10:41 PDT 2019

Jambalaya Lunch Kids for 9/18

Abbi and Cameron with Jambalaya Lunch Kids for 9/18

Tips to decrease risk of being a victim to cyber crime

Have you ever taken one of those Facebook quizzes that tell you what animal you could be based on your birth date? Those quick quizzes could increase your risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime. | Image Source: AP Images

First African-American female to reach captain at APD

As Black History Month winds down, it was a special moment for one black woman at the Alexandria Police Department on Monday as she makes history.

Dr. Heather Poole applying for state superintendent of education

Dr. Heather Spillers Poole, the Executive Vice Chancellor of Student Services, Enrollment Management and Foundation Relations at Central Louisiana Technical Community College, says she is applying to become the next state superintendent of education.

Watching Your Wallet: Tax Refund Tips

Tax refund checks are starting to trickle in from early filers. So, make sure you are making that money work for you and fight the urge to blow that money on a shopping spree!

First Look Top Stories: Weinstein verdict, Kobe Bryant honored

A verdict in the Harvey Weinstein case that led to the start of the Me Too movement. Plus, thousands are gathering at the Staples Center to remember the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other lives lost during a tragic accident. Jojuana Phillips and Al Quartemont take a first look at todays top stories.

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