Can you guess Louisiana's favorite Halloween candy?

Tue Oct 01 15:00:39 PDT 2019

Can you guess Louisiana's favorite Halloween candy?

Kailey and Anna spoke with a 'candy expert' on a study that showed each state's favorite Halloween candy.

26th Annual Taste of Mardi Gras

With some big Mardi Gras events in Alexandria this weekend, people got a little taste of what's to come with the annual Taste of Mardi Gras event at the Randolph Riverfront Center.

Barrett's Night Weather

Near freezing temps tonight; moderating this weekend

Live from the Taste of Mardi Gras

Jojuana Phillips takes a look at what this year's Taste of Mardi Gras has to offer.

Eve of the Nevada Caucus

In less than 24 hours, Nevada voters will go to the polls. Right now, the Democratic presidential hopefuls and the man they hope to replace are making a push for support on the eve of the caucuses across the state.

Tom's Evening Weather

Nice weekend; rain early next week


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