Wed Nov 06 11:27:04 PST 2019

Pineville holiday events

Doug Gann with the City of Pineville tells us about all of the fun happening in November and December.

VIDEO: Adopt A Pet 11/12 Interview

Mr. Wimbley with the Alexandria Animal Shelter talks about adopting pets and fees.

Pledge Kids 11-12-19

Today's Jambalaya Pledge Kids.

Lunch Kids 11-12-19

Today's Lunch Kids come from North Bayou Elementary.

'First Look' Top Talker (11-11-19)

Check out this story about a D.C. restaurant that doubles as a charity on today's 'First Look.'

'First Look' Top Four Headlines (11-11-19)

Anna and Kailey take a look at the top four things News Channel 5 is covering today!


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