New wetlands are coming to Metairie Lake

Mon Nov 18 17:38:56 PST 2019

New wetlands are coming to Metairie Lake

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation plans on rebuilding up to 70 acres that include the Metairie Lake.

Second Look Top Stories (12-13-2019)

The attorney for K'Ci Rue, 19, of Alexandria, is asking the Rapides Parish District Attorney's Office for evidence that could prove a theory that police arrested the wrong suspect. Brooke and Steven discuss this and more on Friday's Second Look.

Greta Van Susteren reacts to House Judiciary's vote to impeach

Steven Maxwell speaks with political analyst Greta Van Susteren about the House Judiciary voting to impeach President Donald Trump and what comes next.

First Look Top Talkers 12/19/19

Anna and Kailey go over some of the top talkers of the day, including a real estate company who gave every employee a $50,000 dollar bonus.

First Look Top Four Headlines 12/13/19

Anna and Kailey go over the top stories of the day on 'First Look.'

Mardi Gras preps already underway!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at all that goes on into making the Endymion parade!

Tyler's Afternoon Forecast

Enjoy the Winter Fete Weekend!


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