Regions Bank donates branch property to CLTCC

Thu Feb 13 15:53:07 PST 2020

Regions Bank donates branch property to CLTCC

CLTCC will be getting a new building downtown thanks to a donation by Regions Bank. CLTCC Chancellor Jimmy Sawtelle and Eric Lord from Regions Bank join Steven Maxwell to share more about the donation.

Tyler's Overnight Forecast

Rain early, then peaks of sunshine possible later on Sunday!



Tyler's Evening Forecast

Increasing clouds and steady temperatures ahead on this Saturday night.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are a few pictures sent to us for Valentines Day!

Gov. Edwards on addressing issues in rural Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards is introducing a new advisory council on rural revitalization to help improve education and healthcare in rural areas.

Breakdown of Mardi Gras plans in Alexandria

Chris Chelette with the Alexandria Mardi Gras Association breaks down the various events going on in the Cenla area.


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